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Noah From New York  says:

First I want to start by saying "Thank You" for making the "Dragon line" flavors, While I Love Love "Lazy Dragon", "Dragon Tears" has been the only flavor I vape since discovering it. The reason I want to Thank you is because my health is failing and I needed to quit smoking. That would not have been possible without "Dragon Tears"! You have helped me do the impossible! I am a fan and a customer for a lifetime!







Ryan from Pennsylvania says:

Not only do you have some of the best juice out there (Convicted Dragon and Dragon Candy are for sure grand slams) but awesome customer service!




Jeff says:

Hey Vape Daugz! Love your liquids! The're my and my father's absolute favorite!  They are delicious and mouth watering! Thanks again for the spectacular product!

Roussel from New York says:

Hello, I am from NY and I think your juices are the best!  I have only tried th eDragon Line,  and the Dragon Candy wins in my opinion!

Conner Says:

Hi!  I LOVE Dragons Milk! Excellent work!

Lisa from Oklahoma Says:

I am addicted to Blue Dragon. LOL. Seriously I have quite smoking after 35 years and only use Blue Dragon 6mg. When I cant Afford it I get Buckaroo from your Bird Daugz Line.  Had no idea you had a peaches and cream in that line Yum! Writing to you not only to praise you for making the best product out there, but to tell you thank you for all you do and for providing me the means to quit tobacco!

Brandon  says:

I really enjoy your Lazy Dragon e-liquid!!!! The Bigger bottles are incredible for us drippers! #biggerbottles#lazydragonrocks#vapedaugz4life

Stacey Says:

I absolutely love love love  Convicted Dragon. I love how smooth the entire Dragon Line is . I havent found anything to  compare. Thank you for the high quality and i'll never stop using your e-liquid!

Armondo from Arizona Says:

Hello, Love all the Dragon Line and so do all my friends that Vape. This week I'll be vaping Dragon Ember!

John from Conneticut says:

Dragon's Milk is my new favorite juice and is the first strawberry custard to get me away from my previous favorite juice! Your Juice is AMAZING!

Bryony Says:

Love your juice!! In fact,

I can't stand to vape anything elses!!!

Chris the Truck Driver Says:

I got a bottle of babyface  given to me the other day absolutely love it!!

Adam From Florida says:


Lukas says:

I've vaped the Dragon and Mafia lines, and every flavor. I can say with absolute certainty the juice you guys produce is the BEST in the industry. I refuse to try any other companies juice I'm in love with Bonnie, Capone, and don Carlo!!!!



Allison From Austin, Texas says:

Message I just want to say that yall are amazing and i will continue to buy the vape fluids that yall provide!!! My favorite so far is the dragon's milk. Its smooth and it taste and smells amazing. I have told all my friends and family how awesome yall are!!! Keep up the good work!!!



Carl Loughlin Says:


Sam Gindin Says:

This lazy dragon flavor is amazing! Can't stop vaping on it!

Clifton Hurst From Tennessee Says:

Best liquid you can ever buy and plus you have the great Vape Daugz GIRLS. Absolutely some of the best people ever and you can't go wrong with any of there lines or flavors

James Miller from Oklahoma Says:

Is the best juice around haven't found a flavor I don't like I have my favorites for sure

Jenna from Vermont Says:

Strawberry milk is where it's at! Thank you for this product! I have no urge to smoke cigarettes anymore!!!

Austin Tooley from Iowa Says:

Best juice line out there! I would highly recommend this juice.

Aaron Westfall from West Virgina Says:

Nothing tops Dragons Milk -- Cuttwood and Boosted don't hold a candle to its Strawberry Creamy goodness!

Sam Rosado from Connecticut Says :

There is NOTHING like the taste of the Dragon Line. I haven't found an oil that can match its quality! The way it vapes is soooo clean. Their juices are mixed to perfect ion, it's amazing, no other E-juice company has figured it out yet. Each juice has just the right amount of flavor and not one overpowers the other. My favorite is Dragon Frost, But I have the whole Dragon Line!

Matt says :

I'm vaping your Convicted Dragon liquid. I purchased it at a store called 'offbeat and unique' in Gilbert, Arizona. This may be the best vape I've ever had. The banana flavor blends perfectly with the custard, and it's not a typical hard candy chemical banana flavor. The custard notes are perfect. Cooked, dairy, confection flavors and not too sweet. Again, you nailed the banana, which in my experience with banana vapes, is hard to do. I am very happy with this liquid (which I bought in 3mg, btw, and it's ultra smooth high quality nicotine) and i hope you continue your relationship with offbeat, as they are my vape shop around the corner, so to speak. I'm very pleased being able to buy quality liquid from a nearby brick and mortar shop. I look forward to trying your other flavors and again, I'm thrilled to have found a new company making top notch liquid. Hats off to ya! 

Jason Reed Says:

Your dragon line is amazing, I absolutely love it!!

Shawn Edgar Says:

Best juice of ever gotten. I won't even try anything else anymore, tired of wasting my money. I highly recommend everything in the Dragon line.

Rusty Thorngren Says:

I've been getting a different flavor every week, I haven't had them all yet but can't decide which 1 I've had is my favorite juice!?! Love this shit!!

John Osborn Says:

Hands down best juice dragons milk. Wish I could buy bigger bottles, bigger than 120ml. I also wish I could show you a picture of all the bottles my wife has collected!

Millie Says:

I love this product it is the best ever !!!!!!!!!!!

Joshua Sowders Says:

Absolutely the best juice I've ever vaped. Me and my woman love it!! Thank you!!

Bri Smith Says:

I'm addicted to Dragon � Tears and can't wait to try all of the dragon line!!

Ronald Lee Says:

I absolutely love my dragon ember!! Nothing else compares to it, that's for sure!

John Lindsey Says:

Convicted Dragon is REALLY REALLY good! Smooth and creamy luscious banana crème!

Brian Crummy says: 

I rarely take the time to write a positive or negative review, so when a product or customer service is so on point I am forced to write one. This is the case with Vape Daugz. I’ve been buying VD juice for about a month from my local vape shop and I found the website online and went to check it out. I liked the selection of flavors so I bought my first bottle online. Not only did it arrive quickly and it was priced right for a premium juice, but the customer service was second to none. The ordering process was easy, email communication was prompt, and they even sent me 3 15ML additional flavors to try for free. My favorite flavor by far is Convicted Dragon, its so solid. Great flavor, quality juice, and I feel like my coils last way longer with VD juice than with house juice or other premium brands. They also threw in some cool swag with my order which was appreciated. Being that I have a daughter, I also like the fact that I am supporting a women owned and operated business. Great job ladies! Keep it up. I do a lot of business in Temple, maybe Ill stop by for some juice next time Im in town. Brian

Theresa from Mass says: 

The first time I bought vape juice, I almost wish I had started with something else. I bought one of the Dragon line, I think at the time it was Dragon Tears? I should have started with something else because Vape Daugz Dragon line has spoiled the shit out of me and nothing that I have tried since has even come close. I bought some cheaper juices, the SauceLA was one, but I Googled the Dragon line again to find the only one I really liked. I gave a friend of mine a small shopping bag filled with lesser juices; she liked them so that's good! And now I won't buy anything else. Plus I'm a nerd and love Dragons, so there's that as well. All joking aside, this is the best product I have ever tried and now I won't use anything else. When I logged in today, I didn't realize it was an all-Women business which makes it even better. So please, keep up the good work ladies, you're doing a helluva job :) So far, I've had spite, Dragon's Milk and CandiFix. Blue dragon as well.

Matt from Iowa says: 

I have only vape one dragon line flavor since I discovered it about 3 months after I switched to vaping from smoking cigarettes I believe 5 almost 6 yrs ago. I didn't switch for the reason most do health . I switched because of the soaring price of cigarettes. But it didn't take long to know I did indeed feel healthier, run further, wake up in morning without coughing and getting sick mainly sinus infections from every season change to maybe a very mild infection once if even a year. So substantially cheaper and no matter what the tobacco industry pays the medical field to say about vaping a healthier alternative to smoking their cancer sticks. No matter what you call it tears, venom or spite it's all I'll ever purchase. Vape Daugz has truly help me better myself and where I am in my life. You don't get the credit you deserve for not just what you do but also for how you do it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Matt

Brandi from Georgia says: 

To the amazing team of women who have created the Dragon Line:

I first want to say that the dragon line is the only vape juice that I use. I have tried others but nothing compares to the dragon line. They are absolutely the best when it comes to vape juice! I looked on the website to leave a comment or to rate your company and didn't see anywhere to do that. I just want to say thank you.  I placed 2 orders with you and received both orders within 48 hours! So thank you for great customer service, being an all women company, and having the best vape juice! THANK YOU! 

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